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 Naya Pakistan certificate;

It is scheme of Pakistan. Only those can invest who has Roshan digital account. Your investment only submit which is in  Roshan account. At which you gain profit it also add in Roshan digital account. Roshan account only available in eight banks of Pakistan and it is only useful for Pakistani and just Pakistani can make account and this only get there Pakistan certificate.

What is Naya Pakistan certificate

It is just simply just investment scheme. It means how much you invested on to this give your certificate that a fixed amount. It is a fixed amount.

Fixed for month;

You can invested your amount for 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, 3 years or 5 years. It has no limited. You can invest it Pakistan currency about 100000 and in dollar 5000. You can increase amount only about 10,000 such as 1,20000 not increase such as 107000, add family in dollars you can add 5000 dollar, 6000 dollar 7,000 dollar not in 7500 dollars.

If you have dollar account you can invest in Dollar.

If you have Pakistani account  then it is available in Pakistani currency.

Which banks are available for it,

Bank alfalah

HBL Bank

MCB Bank

U b l Bank

Meezan Bank

Samba Bank

Standard chartered

Faisal Bank

Which you select Bank you may be make account in dollar or in Pakistani currency. You can understand that you only fixed your amount for time which you decided.

Profit ratio;

Such as if you get profit in Pakistani currency about 1 lakh you are so get 10% tax out of this lakh. How much you invested ,how much you get profit (larger or smaller) you also gave 10% tax. It is just from your profit not in your investment.

Conventiona/Islamic account;

Conventional are those on which our prophet is fix. It means in which there chances of loss. Add other Islamic account in which profit and loss both take place. It means if the State Bank of Pakistan or government of Pakistan get profit you can receive profit and if they get lost then you are the participant of their loss. Islamic  have both profit and loss. It is based on Islamic point of view.

How Much we get profit;

It has both options such as USD and Pakistani currency. You can get profit only after one year complete. It means you invested such as one lakh after one year you can get 10% profit. It means you get 100000 and 10000 rupees. In which 10000 of profit you gave tax 10% and get in 9000 (if ratio is 10%) if you invested for 3 months in Pakistani ratio profit will be 9.50 because we invested for 3 month. It means we can get 9500 profit in one year in Pakistani currency and this profit is divided by 12 because 12 months are in one year. Then it will be  791 rupees profit you would be gave  10% tax on it. Then it becomes 712. If we invested amount for 3 months. Then we get 712 in one month and  multiply by 3 it means we get 2136 rupees profit in 3 months. If you invested this one lakh for five year then profit ratio increases from 9.50 ratio to you can also calculate your profit. In Islamic ratio the profit is little small from it. It is the conventional profit and it is fix. Whenever you return your amount it will also returned and you get profit about the year. At least 3 months was going. If you return before 3 months you never gets profit. Such as if you invested for 5 year but you withdraw amount 3 months early you never get profit.

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